Sunday, 12 August 2018

If I was a Staveley first/reserve team / under 21 Player / coach and wanted to give the fans something "interesting" to read during the course of the season

admittedly this needs a catchier title but basically this comes as a response from one of our supporters who says "we dont know who the players are" when at a reserve game the other season so... here goes.

 tried to make it less cliche'd than most player profiles but probably havent, and i always think detailed answers are more worthwhile than the one word responses you usually get with this sort of thing.

 I've filled this in as if i was doing it because if you want someone to do something you've also got to be prepared to do it yourself... hopefully we'll get loads of responses but if you do feel like writing one email it ( or direct message on twitter (@steh1981) so we can upload to the website periodically through out the season and not spoil it for everyone.

finally I wont be using all of it in one go and dont worry about doing the whole kit and caboodle like I've done just enough to be able to write a decent interview piece will be enough

might ask some game specific questions through the season and some questions from supporters would be good would be good too

Name? Steven Hall

Date of birth? (won’t be published just used to find out what was number one, at the movies, in the news etc at the time )

Born in the summer of 1981 which is the Chinese year of the rooster. Which according to are characterised as observant and hardworking. Active and talkative, Roosters tend to enjoy social events and being in the centre of attention, (its not one size fits all because I don’t). They also typically enjoy sports.

Shakin Stevens was number one with Green door (don’t think this influenced my parents’ choice of name but…) an the films doing the rounds at the pictures were An American Werewolf in London, Superman 2 and the Cannon Ball Run.

Pointless telling you who was top of the pile in the English First division as it hadn’t actually started yet, but  the big transfer news of the summer involved jimmy Case signing for Brighton and hove Albion from Liverpool for £350,000 (which using the bank of England’s inflation calculator would be about the £12,75423.73 these days) and finally a Norwegian commentator uttered the famous “Winston Churchill, Maggie Thatcher, Lord Nelson Lord Beaverbrook your boys took one hell of a beating” after his side defeated the three lions 2-1 in a world cup qualifier.

         Occupation? If student What are you studying?

I work for a company supplying microwave meals to primarily the older generation, my day involves chucking them into boxes over and over again sounds glamorous I know but its living wage and I get to leave early for midweek away trips to Charnock Richard and the like. My “office” is also set to minus 21 which has been brilliant this summer

Previous Clubs? err none

      Who do you support?  Sheffield Wednesday and Valencia (and staveley)

      Preferred playing position? On the balcony in the Tower or near the halfway line so I can have the best view of both goals. If the view is price dependent then its the cheapest unrestricted one.

      What’s your pre match meal? Usually involves either a burger / sausage roll with a few fried potatoes washed down by a hot chocolate.

      Any superstitions? Not really I try and vary the day so that things don’t become a “thing /worry..” arrive early some days late the next wear different clothes so it’s not always the same clichéd lucky underpants when we win etc 
     Best Player you’ve played with and against? 

     Err again having not played at any significant level or for any length of time at a particular club ive just played footy with friends and that. I did play a few games with a Clowne Saturday side but was only 16 at the time and wasn’t anywhere near good enough or possibly strong enough to make any impact.  We had a works Sunday side once but we didn’t have the administration backing of a proper manager/coach and took to the field with less than 11 players on most occasions so that was doomed to failure even if there was some talent in the side. However that same side did play a few friendlies against other firms and James Lukic once of matlock town played in one of them and he was something else when compared to my footballing ability so best player ive played with would probably be him – but played with means one 90 minute game of just giving him the ball and then watching….best player ive played against? Probably everyone

Best ground you’ve played at? (who for, what competition, anything happen - score, assists etc?) this ones for the players because I reckon the best ground Ive played at was the indoor 3g at sheff utd academy in a work five a side tournament.

     Favourite Holiday Destination?  

      Wouldn’t really describe it as a holiday but The best “trip ive been on was when I went to Iceland to a 100km trek in aid of the Sheffield childrens hospital 9 days in a tent with nothing but the scenery and a few fellow trekkers in 2010 and was there for my birthday and the end of summer celebration in Reykjavík. Its expensive however.    

      In terms of favourite holiday destination that would be Valencia like it because its got beaches and city and theres loads of stuff to do or not to if that’s what you like. Ive been eight times now and its now for me just somewhere to get away change the scenery and recharge the batteries rather than sight see but not trip is complete without a match at the Mestalla!
      I've followed the football team since seeing them away in Tenerife in 1999 so ive probably got more of an affinity with the place because of that, best time for first time travellers to go? I think would be march for Las Fallas a month long fireworks festival which culminates in the burning of papermache models that have the best part of a year’s work going into them.
     Favourite Movie? Transformers:the movie (1986) first watched this when I was five and is part of the tv series and simply has everything you want in a movie. Epic Battles, shock main character deaths  (yep, deaths in a cartoon) old guy teaching the young guy who then surpasses what the old guy did etc…decent soundtrack in it too featuring classics like Dare and the Touch by Stan Bush and the “transformers” by Lion

     The new efforts from Micheal bay although decent don’t come anywhere near the originals and the next one will be interesting because their were plot developments in the latest “Last knight” film that are very similar to the 1986 version #unicron #hotrod

      Disappointed in my younger self though for deciding to sell my old toys they wouldn’t be worth anything now because they were played with to destruction #transformersgeek. 

Favourite song / band / musical artist? 
      Im one of those people that can listen to pretty much everything and nothing ( i went three years without a code locked radio in my car and then wrote it off in an accident so never got to fix it) but Elvis and Rod Stewart do get me to turn the radio over… 
      in terms of cds (oldskool) I seem to have more Ash, Sum41, Linkin Park, Muse albums than other so anything loud, ive got My Chemcial Romances three cheers for sweet revenge in the car cd player at the minute but the last album I bought was David Guettas – Listen – which ive just googled was released in 2014 . so its a long time since Ive bought anything new

      Oh and everyone’s got a guilty pleasure i.e. something they shouldn’t like but do mines Dusty Springfield #ijustdontknowwhattodowithmyself
      Favourite fictional Character? given my movie choice that has to Optimus Prme. who began life depending on what continuity you a warehouse robot called Orion Pax, which is similar to my work life now so I still hope

Hero’s:  (from  Wednesday programmes circa 2005/6)
      Depends what you mean by hero, theres been a few players ive enjoyed watching since my first ever game in 1989 Kevin Pressman, David Villa, Lee Bullen, John Sheridan Gaika Mendieta to name a few but im going for Dejan Savecevic as my favourite all time player.  A Montenegran winger who I only ever saw play the TV on those AC Milan Channel four Sundays on football Italia (your humming the theme tune now i bet) "Campinato, de Calcio Italiano-no-no" used to get kicked all over but would stay on his feet to score or pass or take the p*** if he could.  I cant do the guys skills justice with words so heres a video...(which you'll enjoy if you like a bit of dubstep) 

Other Sport? a few years ago i read a book by Gerald Donaldson about a Canadian racing driver by the name of Gilles Villeneuve (father of 1997 world Champion Jacques)... its one of the best written books I've ever read, describing gear changes and steering inputs that really put you in the car... and paints a picture of a "fan made good" not a career robotic racing driver but someone who competed for the sheer love of the sport and speed - got paid well for it like. but someone who would've done it without being paid and the fans loved him. he also wouldn't take no rubbish from anyone and spoke his mind quote often which is refreshing when you look at the catchphrasey interviews you get from sports stars these days. Gilles died when i was 9 months old so its only thanks to this book and youtube that i know anything about him but I think that fact speaks volumes for the man that someone who never saw him live would hold him in that stead... heres what Jeremy Clarkson thinks...

and some quotes: 

"His death signified the passing of a certain approach. He was the last person who had the totally un-inhibited joy of driving a racing car."
Gilles Villeneuve
— Alan Henry, motorsport journalist and friend of Villeneuve - Donaldson, pp. 316-317

"It was terrible when Gilles died. I cried that day and the next one too, even though I had to race... ...and I remember the feeling that we were all starting equal, from now. Villeneuve was gone. We all knew he had talent beyond our reach."
Gilles Villeneuve
— René Arnoux, Formula one driver

I know no human being can do miracles but Gilles would make you wonder.
Gilles Villeneuve
— Jacques Laffite Formula One driver, 1982

What’s your claim(s) to fame?  I read Sir Jackie Stewarts autobiography - Winning is not enough, and enjoyed it that much that i emailed his manager to say so, Sir Jackie not only replied personally he sent me a signed photo and an updated copy of the book too. 

was also third in the 2016-2017 programme swap shop NCEL awards! (3rd out of those that entered so actually could've been last)  
      played in the 1992 Year seven interform winning side at Springwell School - "ooh aah DKR" we won it on penalties but before I took mine.  

      My great grandmothers family are the James family who owned a famous chip shop in Staveley and two more ancestors played football for staveley, one of whom also went on to ba a coach at Yorkshire County Cricket club - Stephen Doughty and my great Granddad Peter Barley played for Chesterfield and what was to become Rotherham United.

      You're on Come dine with me - what are we eating? as you've kind of got to go for it on this show id go with a Spanish twist Sopa Del Dia to start, followed by some Paella Valencianna (as thats where it originated from but is basically chicken, rabbit rice and veg not seafood like most think) and for pudding some coca de llanda which is basically cake - and wash it down with some Aigua de Valencia.... problem is my cookery skills are non existent so you'll end up with Baked Harricot on a warmed bread base, or a knock at the door from the pizza delivery man!
      First thing you'd buy with a lottery win? depends how much but I really would like to one day own a Mercedes Project One!

      theres probably loads more questions but i think we've probably had enough now yeah?